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MySpaceIM with Skype Beta Icon MySpaceIM with Skype
MySpaceIM with Skype Logo
MySpaceIM 1.0.731.0 Beta
MySpaceIM with Skype main window
Developed byMySpace
BuildBuild 745.0
Preview release1.0.745.0
Preview TypeBeta
Date2007-12-19; 3989 days ago[1]
OSMicrosoft Windows
Size6.14MB (6,442,824 bytes)
File typeEXE
TypeInstant messaging client

MySpaceIM with Skype 1.0.745.0 Beta installer file has a size of 6.14 MB (6,442,824 bytes).

File details Edit

Product name: MySpaceIM
Product version: N/A
Filename: MSIMClientSetup.1.0.745.0-static.exe
File type: Application (.exe)
File size: 6.14 MB (6,442,824 bytes)
File description: MySpace
File version: 1.0.745.0
Copyright: MySpace Inc.
Legal trademarks: This Application is a trademark of MySpace Inc.

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CRC32: 2B3EA98D
HAVAL: 2E9E524F278F25B34FD074D26894BACF3FAFA0A12DFD53120DF159724C1B97A9
MD2: 88F81B9C5677309DA2C86FDEF24E10E1
MD4: 617B4616E957756A2FC5B00738053AD7
MD5: EC93BBCF86E4D56836E4D13853B9EFCF
RIPEMD-128: DB8A80E3F5BBFF98DCBC07876A267D24
RIPEMD-256: 7BA33DF174B9185B825786885036D58E8F049B4BB14426B8B614C67418F962BE
RIPEMD-320: C3E91612507B3D38E919367DCB3D7E4A62D7FC14CA816E3AF5B6AA3951EDC318BF498E2B1C4CB0BF
SHA-1: 35C439364584DC16233A0C5BF72F03BD9DE842F0
SHA-512: 57A72FDAE2ECA7FCC01C5EA47C608D6582B903C373ED919BD5BD6D03C91D19DE3D28F7E6FEC37EBEFF0218D205E89EAF4758A3398F188E2784DC9072DA3F38CF
Tiger: C0A490C05291C7AED5CB7B7EFE18397798C2348B07C4DFDD
Whirlpool: 668C91E7FEFD843C550DBD423B07B9BFDA4EE1DF061563A92FB944C68CD6FB1FC4E85B03F79A9BEF412B17799491931760F0AD020FCA1E50AA82CA0A98F5B2ED

Features Edit

  • Basic instant messaging to other MySpace users
  • Shortcuts to features and profiles
  • Imports friends from MySpace into your contacts list in MySpaceIM
  • Instant alerts for all requests, messages, and comments
  • Integrated music player, which plays your friends' profile songs
  • Switchable conversation views, such as: traditional IM, with pictures, or with cartoon-like balloons
  • Skinnable interface
  • Shareable custom backgrounds in message windows
  • Built-in avatar picture cropping
  • Custom emoticons
  • Custom "Zaps" (Zaps are a combination of a sound bite, picture, and/or words.)
  • Voice calls with MySpaceIM users and Skype native client users.
  • Voice calls to and from regular phones.

Release notes Edit

Change logs Edit

  • Fixes in Version 1.0.745.0
    • 25489 - Ensure login window position is valid on client startup and reposition window if necessary
    • 25499 - Perform handle validation and catch exceptions on invalid microphone handles

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