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MySpaceIM with Skype Beta Icon MySpaceIM with Skype
MySpaceIM with Skype Logo
MySpaceIM 1.0.731.0 Beta
MySpaceIM with Skype main window
Developed byMySpace
BuildBuild 739.0
Preview release1.0.739.0
Preview TypeBeta
Date2007-12-11; 4020 days ago[1]
OSMicrosoft Windows
Size6.14MB (6,441,224 bytes)
File typeEXE
TypeInstant messaging client

MySpaceIM with Skype 1.0.739.0 Beta installer file has a size of 6.14 MB (6,441,224 bytes).

File details Edit

Product name: MySpaceIM
Product version: N/A
Filename: MSIMClientSetup.1.0.739.0-static.exe
File type: Application (.exe)
File size: 6.14 MB (6,441,224 bytes)
File description: MySpace
File version: 1.0.739.0
Copyright: MySpace Inc.
Legal trademarks: This Application is a trademark of MySpace Inc.

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CRC32: BD084791
HAVAL: BE2940369C1FBC8655CBD25DB3AA1CCE07064E8CA2E2629125D6955FA8C7BE1A
MD2: 9A265D56243C8D6E94115D337218C230
MD4: 82AFC16AD987B5E701623719E0CC1563
MD5: FC2664DDE6A957A84731EFC2EB628D58
RIPEMD-128: BDB16C0E9758D5C0A1ED4B944818722A
RIPEMD-256: FD0ED107E91435893B23D2AA89E925667454B836E0FA0DA94BBE7A6556CBB301
RIPEMD-320: AA82F1FF37E945FD8E8DB86A847FEB627A42777FE1A6271FA63B9EE475E55DC4989C4ACBBF658E0E
SHA-1: E3CDBEBC7505E321B53F52CF675613E476DCC536
SHA-512: 98B801A43882D82E391DD38746DFA100EDD010C0B7604098D0A76341CA42DFDD20D5857AFB4059AFD1AF32E598714D0750751D7E431844123A2881A719945560
Tiger: 7F8396BB6D724436E9A799E13CA6B8B16ACB1F0942B71B18
Whirlpool: 91167B67174957881FA53A643AAE33371C23E9D89673843BD421E66C5E2F5E3379F1A81E4E58BD42E2B921A7267FC5C07FE3A261A2779C47520F301FB2817BF7

Features Edit

  • Basic instant messaging to other MySpace users
  • Shortcuts to features and profiles
  • Imports friends from MySpace into your contacts list in MySpaceIM
  • Instant alerts for all requests, messages, and comments
  • Integrated music player, which plays your friends' profile songs
  • Switchable conversation views, such as: traditional IM, with pictures, or with cartoon-like balloons
  • Skinnable interface
  • Shareable custom backgrounds in message windows
  • Built-in avatar picture cropping
  • Custom emoticons
  • Custom "Zaps" (Zaps are a combination of a sound bite, picture, and/or words.)
  • Voice calls with MySpaceIM users and Skype native client users.
  • Voice calls to and from regular phones.

Release notes Edit

Change logs Edit

  • Fixes in Version 1.0.739.0
    • 24188 - Cancelled SkypeOut call window cannot be closed
    • 24218 - Various localized resource problems
    • 24219 - Skype should always save phone number with + prefix
    • 24220 - Multiple invite to im dialogs
    • 24221 - Support info for MySpaceIM should show correct build number and localized myspaceim link
    • 24223 - Italian translation changes
    • 24261 - Spanish cut off text in group name change dialog
    • 24262 - Disallow shortcut keys that are comprised only of white spaces
    • 24263 - Apply translations from 11/05/07
    • 24373 - Blocking a contact from the chatroom does not show user on the roster
    • 24372 - Using next or previous on the music player does not highlight user with song being played
    • 24378 - Emoticons without shortcuts are not being sent when auto convert shortcuts to smileys is enabled
    • 24287 - Spanish text cut off for "Play this sound" check box
    • 24762 - Changed color setting for all skins to use default Call window text color
    • 24834 - Fixed Ignore and Block title is not disappearing in chatroom
    • 24849 - Fix crash due to failed Skype initialization and accessing invalid Skype object
    • 24979 - Fix crash on skin change due to uninitialized Skype
    • 25045 - Fix crash on blocking Skype-related contacts when Skype is disabled
  • Changes in version 1.0.739.0
    • 24374 - Add support for sending DTMFs while a call is in progress

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