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MSN Messenger 5.0.0544 Icon MSN Messenger
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MSN Messenger 7.5.0299
MSN Messenger main window
Developed byMicrosoft
BuildBuild 0306
Date2005-09-29; 4824 days ago[1]
OSMicrosoft Windows
Size8.92MB (9,359,560 bytes)
File typeEXE
TypeInstant messaging client

MSN Messenger 7.5.0306 installer file has a size of 8.92 MB (9,359,560 bytes).

File details Edit

Product name: Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
Product version: 6.00.2900.2180
Filename: Install_MSN_Messenger.exe[2]
File type: Application (.exe)
File size: 8.92 MB (9,359,560 bytes)
File description: Win32 Cabinet Self-Extractor
File version: 6.0.2900.2180
Copyright: © Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

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CRC32: 5AEE2D25
HAVAL: 79DA2CCD23BB28F2620217F7287A4EB0F74520CBBA4D994C2534AAC34CAD4675
MD2: C93BE211188B69DAF083E0D0463B3F56
MD4: 410DA350B0D559763C57709B01F5764A
MD5: CA22B760D2FA90B0CC04562D8F17D408
RIPEMD-128: 6AB18D0E7D3C7A572E6D98DFF6F8A722
RIPEMD-256: 012985E0CF5CAD7718A3A9A11D4DFF3BC2388E7697F7499686E1BBD5F36BF5AC
RIPEMD-320: 5BAEDE3290867F9F5574C679612B0DB3E060F6C57946ACE76E6B2A3D981FF1E9687FF38884A732E9
SHA-1: 9FF7AB07423818328EBC45CAFE1BF0AA844B4ED1
SHA-512: 0E35BD9B8C9314F0AB8F06FCF23B8D71B98F4660DEADCF4379A2E2B26CB3267E2ADD14D9A1CEC3FFDF940358A2B1C698A4F5953B6B4F641351A549676259CC9A
Tiger: F228F0ABD742487866C2419BB9A142A4DC0923E28E7C6E97
Whirlpool: 35E7909708B650D735C15F20BBF6147FC7ABE05E48E10F51B7EE885126D81A260B543F8FB84700996EB1CE8643EE0A6BCC8A0E12A677F75B7842AA5314816F4D

Features Edit

  • Messaging

Release notes Edit

Change logs Edit

  • The "Get a Webcam" link now hides together with your MSN Display Picture
  • The upgrade mechanism through patching will not show a Repair / Remove dialogue anymore
  • The dialing dialogue will now show up when you're on a dialup, disconnected, and trying to sign in
  • MSN Messenger now goes easy on the CPU you left it running on with pending IMs, when you sign in on another machine later
  • An MSN Messenger versus MSN Toolbar bug was fixed
  • The Chinese version of MSN Messenger now correctly says "Most popular Dynamic Backgrounds" instead of "Data Packets" and "Pixie" instead of "Virtual Dog"
  • In the Chinese version of MSN Messenger, the Voiceclip error message and tooltip now match
  • The Korean version now supports contact cards

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