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MSN Messenger 7.5.0160 Beta
MSN Messenger main window
Developed byMicrosoft
BuildBuild 0160
Preview release7.5.0160
Preview TypeBeta
Date2005-07-20; 4895 days ago[1]
OSMicrosoft Windows
Size7.46MB (7,826,120 bytes)
File typeEXE
TypeInstant messaging client

MSN Messenger 7.5.0160 Beta installer file has a size of 7.46 MB (7,826,120 bytes).

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Product name: Microsoft® Windows® Operating System
Product version: 6.0.2494.0
Filename: N/A
File type: Application (.exe)
File size: 7.46 MB (7,826,120 bytes)
File description: Win32 Cabinet Self-Extractor
File version: 6.0.2494.0000
Copyright: © Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

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CRC32: 24C4E8A0
HAVAL: 5C24996E40103F7BE36AA10DB96B5A897E6CB2D4D2D050798939780DDB233055
MD2: B88AB3824DC1A777D983F8183514A917
MD4: 24430452A504A0D1AFEE8F04F833EAFC
MD5: C4904DDD3DAA8385DAB475F28D9E2B0D
RIPEMD-128: CB04543A8C0E71F3DBA57DA9FD3C65F9
RIPEMD-256: 6611FB484923A601028AFA18A35460CF16ACD3EA11EC73D258A9BA6BDEC44034
RIPEMD-320: 24FC3B1DD6A9147E5A13C9ADC7F82F085EC8BB0FD8A123622173FD5090507BAA993D0C29125DB00A
SHA-1: 0B1FD71948B387F1498A42803E34863554356695
SHA-512: 712AC8DB734043219B1C4B5CC411E4363E2D552076EDC0579417FCF9AE2812191044AF856D3D6FC80A5894109DA30EEBFA49F944AF0E156CBF702B74DBE5785A
Tiger: A49956735453BB08B25BDAFD35DF4C4CDC36C639864BF07F
Whirlpool: 0F3FE08C17E81AE0F5E7FA77FB5F6DE7A7BD2BFE2ED0C1673BDA8D667821CB394624DFF8867982252AB40CEF2CE0282FD6FA89FA7856E79EEC951D032D2D383E

Features Edit

  • Messaging

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Change logs Edit

  • Sign in window:
    • If you tick the Remember Me option, it will show your MSN Display Picture and automatically fill in your e-mail address.
    • There are separate options for saving your password as well or signing in instanteneously altogether.
  • Main window:
    • The "Add a Contact" button has been replaced at the top of the Contact List (rendering the bottom "I want to" actions pane obsolete) and the My Space button is now titled "My MSN Space".
  • Conversation window:
    • The Webcam and Audio buttons are now renamed to Video & Voice and the Video button also has a new symbol.
    • Voice Clips enable you to send voice messages by holding the button (or hold F2) and recording through your microphone.
      • Voice clips can last up to 15 seconds
      • Voice clips do not automatically playback when received and without pressing the Play button first
      • This feature only works if both contacts own MSN Messenger 7.5+
    • Conversation window backgrounds can now be dynamic
    • When you apply a Dynamic Background, the Nudge sound will change according to the background's theme
      • Sometimes a Nudge is even accompanied by a Wink-sort-of animation.
      • Two Dynamic Backgrounds from Blue Mountain are included in this BETA
        • One has a fish swimming
        • One shows world clocks
    • The chat area of the conversation window now comes with a slightly gradient background
    • A tiny webcam icon underneath the Display Picture reveals whether the contact has installed a webcam
  • Some Winks now have a maximum size and don't stretch out with the conversation window size
  • Options window:
    • Connection TroubleShooter is more comprehensive
    • In the Security options, you can now chose to disable hyperlinks in conversations (a protection against IM worms), disable Voice Clips, and allow MSN Messenger to fire up a conversation window if you click a link in your web browser
    • In the Alerts and Sounds options, you can define a sound to be played when invited to an audio conversation
  • MSN Messenger 7.5 setup only supports Windows XP

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