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MSN Messenger 5.0.0544 Icon MSN Messenger
MSN Messenger 4.6.0076 Banner
MSN Messenger 6.1.0202
MSN Messenger main window
Developed byMicrosoft
BuildBuild 0202
Date2003-11-13; 5453 days ago[1]
OSMicrosoft Windows
Size7.98MB (8,369,904 bytes)
File typeEXE
TypeInstant messaging client

MSN Messenger 6.1.0202 installer file has a size of 7.98 MB (8,369,904 bytes).

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Product name: Microsoft® Windows NT® Operating System
Product version: 4.71.1015.0
Filename: Setup.exe
File type: Application (.exe)
File size: 7.98 MB (8,369,904 bytes)
File description: Win32 Cabinet Self-Extractor
File version: 4.71.1015.0
Copyright: Copyright © Microsoft Corp. 1995

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CRC32: E4B1F927
HAVAL: 1722D908A317BB3D7E3033110019895AEC16894AF714FE4621E3EAB18EE08B0C
MD2: 572A0B590895700D85941585B9EA916D
MD4: CD2813AB860228EBAB955150C18FD050
MD5: 3826380D4912987661124AB2E6F45609
RIPEMD-128: 514E4C08B6BA4D44361EAB090E9148FF
RIPEMD-256: FA82534199C0B4CA16E57516EBC61F365599A8589A9AC7447BAC8D7A9C59A64E
RIPEMD-320: 666C760390E71769F1E84FEA03D520FA6B6913011EF7992CE73CFF35B088E64EE502B21891980C1C
SHA-1: B6C7B0CA04128AFD544CF9D41D83E60492EB3B8D
SHA-512: 518B5F320BB3ABF662BF217F7C5F21B5A47E7B6AE2D71987A7D70A6661176EEB45571C50999FA399B35B7785528652CF0601D3BDEAB6437056EC5E7B0A87D09A
Tiger: 62AD8B7BFC0BF6F63A2488A19CA8BBC77F2085B673904D47
Whirlpool: 3FE6A427614B250FD398FF00B75E8A1651559271AA80DC37931CE2C0AFCFECBA488CA01CCDDED88855BA345EB9D4430CA6AB5C3AAB09AA05025D28BBAFDF8E8C

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  • Messaging

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