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MSN Messenger 6.1.0114 Beta
MSN Messenger main window
Developed byMicrosoft
BuildBuild 0150
Preview release6.1.0150
Preview TypeBeta
Date2003-10-22; 5532 days ago[1]
OSMicrosoft Windows
Size6.17MB (6,474,240 bytes)
File typeMSI
TypeInstant messaging client

MSN Messenger 6.1.0150 Beta installer file has a size of 6.17 MB (6,474,240 bytes).

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Product name: N/A
Product version: N/A
Filename: msnmsgs.msi
File type: Windows Installer Package (.msi)
File size: 6.17 MB (6,474,240 bytes)
File description: N/A
File version: N/A
Copyright: N/A

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HAVAL: DEDF6342150A0DC4F5ECC344FF45BD304302581F5E3CF707020384DEB195FC23
MD2: 8013EF971C0B8ABB476A87EAA440566A
MD5: A1D16332B1C9D9BCA07FD10DBD0C98AB
RIPEMD-128: 3C658E919069DE5278D2808FE3F91BE1
RIPEMD-256: AB550C95098E52FEDF2AFBCAE26E83B4664BBEAED688CDA4C44337FAAE92A614
RIPEMD-320: DBFD2A534DB10B0545B0A7130A9CF40E67B32545304018425DC83B2EF4AA8EFCE3FA0B78426108DC
SHA-1: 244263A45FE9394595F867781ECDA78844F3266D
SHA-512: B0C25588B58443C94F43B0383FD3453A79074A6AC16722D43B7F13E38BCF8F2567AA6D47AC1D713D6C84597DF4FFC41F8B15256D2EECBDBFD7D5001192728AAC
Tiger: D48277EE9D5EA46722D7046E99198DFFD4A73716D9B1DA64
Whirlpool: 292362970D5AE96B4C1E703E55FA7E0B12DA27CAC40090B13332E8F3D81CA0CDEB201727D5F5427ACC5CAD98A642378A8959FE9F8FD7B583F100719943659AD1

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  • Messaging

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