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MSN Messenger 6.1.0114 Beta
MSN Messenger main window
Developed byMicrosoft
BuildBuild 0128
Preview release6.1.0128
Preview TypeBeta
Date2003-09-28; 5556 days ago[1]
OSMicrosoft Windows
Size4.84MB (5,082,112 bytes)
File typeMSI
TypeInstant messaging client

MSN Messenger 6.1.0128 Beta installer file has a size of 4.84 MB (5,082,112 bytes).

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Product name: N/A
Product version: N/A
Filename: msnmsgs.msi
File type: Windows Installer Package (.msi)
File size: 4.84 MB (5,082,112 bytes)
File description: N/A
File version: N/A
Copyright: N/A

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CRC32: F2F27B18
HAVAL: 39C71A0810EE8D5A57BA520463595EB2DF352866DEDF8DA8E09E78E274F01E32
MD2: A034B23E50DAEC0759A028901477867D
MD4: F2D1889AF658249AA377759D6A633C04
MD5: 984D0753DE713FFDDFC4686108F20EFF
RIPEMD-128: 8A310549104E537B8EF5A7567873FD94
RIPEMD-256: 45C987DCBED4C1D843BB9CEEA3E6E2BCFCED3832C5956013B56F72A3E9D47D63
RIPEMD-320: CB6B28A5DD8D358EBCE6E34D9D1B3495F5F902E7552712401ED699AD1AE3C76CB17104A869A2AE56
SHA-1: 3E82C5AAC8549D8E939EBDA22204ACB352C7E668
SHA-512: D53E1305B1F5FF6AD8807B4D57D63BC8A9B5B7DE91623D396DB14D5A3B73082EB67C04386BCEDF756DDEB5E3F34342FE3CE2B5EA1C15B6FC61698EFEAD9F45A3
Tiger: 9845A6A784EEEE0B37CEE8565969E61AA75A183E187CEC75
Whirlpool: A4C1F566F2059215B72596DD21DFB0AE8B003E652FAB315C9756EEB8B4CADFD444E5485DEF5AE23C9A6514C131854D0DBF158C93193E39BFF65F379AD8E86256

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  • Messaging

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