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MSN1.0 Icon MSN Messenger
MSN 2.1.1047 Messenger Service
MSN Messenger 3.5.0077
MSN Messenger Service main window
Developed byMicrosoft
BuildBuild 0039
Date2001-08-08; 6313 days ago[1][2]
OSMicrosoft Windows
Size838KB (858,672 bytes)
File typeEXE
TypeInstant messaging client

MSN Messenger 3.6.0039 installer file has a size of 838 KB (858,672 bytes).

File details Edit

Product name: Messenger Service
Product version: Version 3.6
Filename: mmssetup.exe
File type: Application (.exe)
File size: 838 KB (858,672 bytes)
File description: Self Extracting MSN Messenger Service 3.6
File version: 4.71.1015.0
Copyright: Copyright © Microsoft Corporation 1997-2001

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CRC32: C63F256D
HAVAL: 459B2FB016B518591CA68CA3DA4BEEEEE89256EE76084BA29C87A6720B469D3D
MD2: 203FAA0E41734E5D6D233450CCE442CB
MD4: 3AF7DE826A873C916FEB4543930BF39E
MD5: 5CA73E3D4DB48A28F964596D12FD8997
RIPEMD-128: 62FB245987B0732B4C79296D2E22455F
RIPEMD-256: 5EFC7D5182456153B32504BBC8DB8CD2D5136A012BBB77E99D4A0E7D620F4828
RIPEMD-320: 700289350033F47D4F004D40A711ADF81BEEE9EB99CA4B63B4265A6428285EEB026E17D0895A0BA1
SHA-1: FDA4D9DFB6248BDEA8BF94E5F0F60B493C1B185E
SHA-512: BDEC2705B3CD4BD246ECA9629D9BABE316F3946D3CBAFACD59E92AEED6DAE56336698CF0270A39D36D8D48A41FC84A1AB69B13073ADA9530E3FEE7AD3D76DF8D
Tiger: 81B94309A95CA30E341594B7FDD5274C8BABD79DE71F139E
Whirlpool: 9228402218AED3D2CC0459C4A353ACD1FCC569497DA1A8A221496902DE03132A256F75EDC6673032BECAB20D8BD6C19D747B08EF8A486E14E6A33AB369F0A961

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  • Messaging

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