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MSN1.0 Icon MSN Messenger
MSN 2.1.1047 Messenger Service
MSN Messenger 2.1.1047
MSN Messenger Service main window
Developed byMicrosoft
BuildBuild 1047
Date2000-22-02; 6224 days ago[1][2]
OSMicrosoft Windows
Size350KB (358,992 bytes)
File typeEXE
TypeInstant messaging client

MSN Messenger 2.1.1047 installer file has a size of 350 KB (358,992 bytes).

File details Edit

Product name: Messenger Service
Product version: Version 2.1
Filename: mmssetup.exe[3]
File type: Application (.exe)
File size: 350 KB (358,992 bytes)
File description: Self Extracting MSN Messenger Service 2.1
File version: 4.71.1015.0
Copyright: Copyright © Microsoft Corporation 1997-2000

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HAVAL: E456D281CCBE3D4169FE3B1913FDEA25B0CBD77686FC01960347D0A22D3A8EDB
MD2: BE29EB40137F23B8C5A98054720BAE38
MD4: 8BFD535106974E2916756672FBF40AB5
MD5: D317B0E2A6C324B845B6FE04A158F0BB
RIPEMD-128: 5B5DED9AD324F94222C16BAF6DFC4057
RIPEMD-256: 32B03B22A0D01D79C755194D73595CF1596C9C3C7EE8ABA76873C143394ACC7F
RIPEMD-320: 21E41F713DB25CB131DBE70545D9C1E99CDDCA2EC5CB5E234952A238223257B1D372C650DE20F6A0
SHA-1: D9F9B94EA2DA2A86930459E08D950AE21DDCF81F
SHA-512: 219134C2AE8BEC0FE077D86E2E7BEA1477FB88036255008B3642F560BC22C975BA007AC6D177399B3654EF765400D7DDDE426EE1ACD04C42DCC17E1E5D4D737C
Tiger: BC50A8991517122E98D4DEEBA2D12D05DFAB1776A91A958B
Whirlpool: 686CDBC57312175A1B527CF44A2A3488A096A290900ABEF4E059B37CB5DE08602234849064EF21CE61EED04AB18BEAB35B73C5E4D330787F98AACBC9BCFA5171

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  • Messaging

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